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Staff Number
1For first time login, password will be same as staff number.
2Users are requested to change password on first login to prevent misuse.
3If you have forgotten your password, please contact Holiday Home Desk (HHD) for resetting the password.
4In case nothing happens on pressing the Submit button, add this website to Trusted Sites in Internet Explorer browser either yourself or through your IT department by using steps mentioned at the link 'Procedure'. Alternatively, another browser (e.g. Mozilla) or another computer may be used.
5If you face any further problem, you are requested to note down the error message displayed and contact HHD.
6The website is available through internet at http://networld.bhel.in/holidayhome.
7As per contract, booking notice has to be sent 07 (seven) days before and cancellation notice has to be sent 03 (three) days before to the hotel.
8 The employee has to send the filled Application Form with approval from the Controlling Officer and original cash receipt to HHD offline. In case the application form and cash receipt are not received by HHD within 10 calendar days from 'Date of Entering Cash Receipt Details', the booking may be cancelled by HHD. More than 1 such cancellation will lead to locking of employee account.